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Editing or Archiving a Pending Report

Filtering on Engagement Score

My Events and Manage Events – What’s the Difference?

File a report for a past event already in the system

Local Groups – Overview

Cancelling an event registration

Events Activity Dashboard

Who Can Vote?

A Quick Tour of vTools Engage

Quick Actions: Reach out to Members in Arrears

Engagement Scores

Viewing a List of Members

Downloading a List of Members

Emailing a List of Members

Logging an Interaction for a Member

Nominations Tool – Process Overview

Pull a report of Events for your OU

Society Recipients for eNotice

vTools Officer Reporting: Approvals and Troubleshooting

vTools Nominations Process Instructions

Creating an Event

Create a New Event from an Existing Event

Managing Events

@Event on-site registration

Creating Meal Tickets and Name Tags

File a report for a past event not in the system

Events feeds

Request New Officer Position

Creating a Student Branch Annual Plan

Creating and Editing Sites in WebInABox

About Voting

Managing Ballots and Motions

Creating a New Ballot

Create a Motion Ballot

Loading the Voter list

Voter Instructions

Reporting Election Results

Updating Election Results

Viewing Election Results

Emailing Voters

Managing the Website URL

Viewing Officer Logs

Adding/Editing an Officer

Viewing the Officer Roster

Creating an eNotice

Personalizing an eNotice

Adding Recipients to an eNotice

Sending Test eNotices

Managing eNotices Using the eNotice Dashboard

Creating an eNotice From an HTML File

Sending an eNotice from Events

Sending an eNotice to Registrants

Customizing an eNotice’s ‘From’ and ‘Reply-to’

eNotice with multiple Target OUs Require Approval

vTools Overview