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Note: Only event creators and those with access to vTools will have access to manage events. You must be signed in with you IEEE Account to manage events.

Sign In

Sign in with your IEEE Account, then click on the “Manage Events” icon on the homepage. You can also click the “Manage Events” tab at the top of the screen.

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You will be presented with a list of events that you have access to manage.

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Click the “Manage” link on any one of the events to manage the event.

Manage Event Options

  • View the Event/Event flyer
  • Edit the event
  • View the list of registrants
  • Check in registrants at the event using @Event (see tutorial here)
  • Create a new event from the existing one (see tutorial here)
  • Create an eNotice from the event (see tutorial here)
  • Send an eNotice to Registrants (see tutorial here)
  • File an event report

For filing event reports, see the following tutorials:

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Editing an Event

On the manage event screen, click “Edit” in the menu on the left

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Make any necessary changes in the event form and click “Save & Publish at the bottom of the screen. You can also cancel the event from this screen.

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Deleting an Event

Events can only be deleted if the event has not yet been reported. On the edit event screen, you will see the “Delete Event” button is activated. Click it to delete the event.

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If the event has already been reported, or if you just need to remove the report for some reason, scroll down to the REPORT AND ATTENDANCE section of the form and click “Remove Report.”

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Click “Save & Publish” when you are done.

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