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What is @Event?

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@Event provides enhanced on-site registration and is mobile/tablet friendly. It simplifies the recording of attendance at an IEEE event/meeting. Volunteers can add attendees, edit the attendance list, and download attendee data collected for use in future analysis.

  • Key Features:
    • View registration details
    • Add new registrations
    • Upload potential registrants (members of the host OU)
    • Check-in registered guests – status updated to “Attended”
    • Update registrations

To access @Event, sign in to https://events.vtools.ieee.org/ with your IEEE Account. Click on the event, and click “Manage this Event.”

Manage an Event – @Event

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@Event – On-site Registration page

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Load Potential Guests

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@Event Registration Page

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@Event guests will be registered as “Attended (walk-in)”

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Other options available

  • Print Meal tickets
  • Print Name Tags
  • Print a blank sign-in form to be used at the event
  • Print a sign-in form with registrants already listed
  • Download a CSV or TSV of the list of registrants
  • Email event statistics to your email address

To view these options, click on “Registrants” in the menu on the left

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Send an eNotice to Registrants

If you wish to send an eNotice to everyone who has registered for the event, click “Send eNotice to Registrants” in the menu.

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