Sending an eNotice from Events

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When creating an event, vTools gives you the ability to send an eNotice directly from the event page. The event/meeting information will automatically be populated into a new eNotice, and the eNotice will be sent to all members in the host(s) Organizational Unit(s). This option is available for every event/meeting and every organization in vTools Events.

Create eNotice from Event

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Send Express

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If the event/eNotice recipients are for multiple Sections or Regions, it is best practice to split them up and send them to the individual Sections/Regions. You can do this by selecting “Create eNotice from Event” but then modifying the recipients to only include the individual Sections/Regions. You will have to send multiple eNotices this way, but it will prevent the eNotice from failing because the recipient list is too large.

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