Sending an eNotice to Registrants

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What is “Send eNotice to Registrants”?

vTools Events allows you (the creator of the event) to send an eNotice for a single event to all those who have registered for the event.

This feature utilizes the registrant list to load the email addresses as a custom recipient list in eNotice.

This feature is only for a list of registrants that have been saved to a single event.

NOTE: eNotice and Events do not support the manual upload of an email list at this time.


Sign in to vTools Events using your IEEE Account.

Step 1: Click “Manage Events”, then “Send eNotice to Registrants”

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You can either select for vTools to generate the eNotice content (from the content of the event), or start with a blank eNotice which you can update yourself. This tutorial will show you how to use “Generate eNotice Content.”

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Step 2: Once you select “Generate eNotice Content,” you will be brought over to eNotice. You will see that the eNotice has been populated with the registrant list and content from the event.

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Step 3: Review the eNotice and make any necessary updates (if desired), and click “Send.” You will see the eNotice as Submitted with the list of recipients shown on the “Manage” screen.

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Step 4: The eNotice will then show in the list with “Custom” Recipients list.

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