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Region Directors: Click the Region or Section to begin interacting with that Organizational Unit (OU). Note: once the OU is selected, you will interact with that OU for the entirety of your session in Engage.

Section Leaders: You will be brought directly to the home page of your respective Section.

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Select a Tab

Click on any one of the tabs across the top of the screen, e.g. RETAIN.

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Select a Category to View

Click on the eye icon next to any one of the categories to view the list of members, e.g. Arrears.

This will bring up the list of members in that category.

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Click the eye icon next to one of the individual members to view more details about that member.

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Log an Interaction

At the bottom of the screen, click the ‘+’ icon next to “Interactions & Notes.” This will bring up a pop-up box where you can enter the details of your interaction, e.g., chat, phone call, email, postal mail, etc. In this box, you can also see if there have been any other interactions with this person, such as an email sent.

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The log of interactions will then be saved on the person’s detail page.

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