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The event category is used to help clarify the category of the event. The event sub-categories are used to further refine the intent of an event.

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The event category definitions are as follows:

Events of the Section/Chapter/Affinity Group Executive Committee to discuss Unit administrative matters (for example – elections, Section functions, activity planning, etc.)

The administrative event sub-categories are:

  • ExCom
  • Officer Training

Events to support the vision of ​​Humanitarian Technology​ group.

The humanitarian event sub-categories are:

  • Other
  • SIGHT (Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology)

These are generally events of a professional nature.

The nontechnical event sub-categories are:

  • Awards Dinner
  • Nontechnical (Other)
  • Pre-University Activities (Teacher–In-Service Program, a science fair)
  • Social

Pre-U STEM Program
Events to support Pre-U STEM Programs.

The Pre-U STEM Program event sub-categories are:

  • Camp
  • Career Day
  • Competition/STEM Fairs
  • Girls in STEM
  • Industry/Company Tour
  • Mentoring
  • Parent Program
  • Student Workshop
  • Teacher Workshop

Events to enhance professional development (such as continuing education, a speaker discussing the current job market, preparation of resumes, etc.).

The professional event sub-categories are:

  • Continuing Education
  • Industry Relations – events and activities with local industries (eg. a tour))
  • Professional (Other)
  • Professional Development

Events of a technical nature specific to the needs of the Unit, or of interest to the members. Society Chapters must hold and report a minimum of two technical events annually in order to qualify for the rebate. Event sub-category is not applicable for the Technical category.

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