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Region Directors: Click the Region or Section to begin interacting with that Organizational Unit (OU). Note: once the OU is selected, you will interact with that OU for the entirety of your session in Engage.

Section Leaders: You will be brought directly to the home page of your respective Section.

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Select a Tab

Click on any one of the tabs across the top of the screen, e.g. RETAIN.

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Select a Category to Email

Click on the @ icon next to any one of the categories to email the list of members, e.g. Arrears.

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This will bring up an email form where you can compose your message and send to the members in the list. If you wish, you can change the filters to only send to certain grades. You can also check the boxes to copy the Section Executive Committee members. If needed, you can change the “From” and “Reply to” on the message so the message comes “From” you (or another member), and the replies will go to you (or another member).

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Once you complete the form and click Submit at the bottom of the page, the email will be queued up for delivery.

Note: Sending emails through Engage is NOT the same as sending an eNotice, as you are essentially sending to a custom list of individuals rather than the full list of members in an OU. Emails sent through Engage will not be seen or searchable in eNotice.

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