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Upcoming Life Members Inaugural Conference on April 14-16, 2024, in Austin, Texas

UPDATE: The Life Member Conference website is now live! Go to to register for the conference and hotel. Reduced price Early Bird registration ends December 14, 2023.

Hi everyone,

First an invitation – come to Austin next April for this first of its kind conference. Registration will be available in the September-October timeframe, hotel reservations can be booked now at

We are getting the word out to our Life Members regarding the LM conference. We’re also looking for resources to communication channels such as regional newsletters, websites, and social media pages. Communication via Collaboratec with would be excellent. We have news articles, a section of the website (IEEE LM Conference) soon to changeover to a separate website, a blog series we’re publishing weekly (Life Members Website) and social media sized digestible snippets for postings (soon to be visible on our new LinkedIn pages).

2- 2024 IEEE LM Conference Inaugural Event Apr 14-16

You can download this brochure from

We have two new LinkedIn sites, established as companies so they’re easily referenced in user profiles: one for the IEEE Life Members Affinity Group and one for the IEEE Life Members Conference. These are both visible in LinkedIn apps as well as online via:

IEEE Life Members Conference

IEEE Life Members Affinity Group

Please consider following both and adding the references to your personal LinkedIn volunteer profile. And feel free to use the associated hashtags whenever and wherever possible.

There are remnants of other past social media ventures that we’re in the process of resurrecting – more news later.

I hope this finds you all in good health…………………………….


2024 LM Conference Outreach Coordinator
IEEE Life Member
[email protected]
Cell: 408-230-0948


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