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Region 3 Senior Membership Elevation Committee Members

R3 coordinator Coordinates senior member activities at the region level. Schedules meetings. Files vtools. Seely Andrew [email protected]
R3 deputy Amaya Hermann [email protected]
Resume team lead Amaya Hermann [email protected]
Resume team Helps candidates with proper formatting and detail of resumes pre-roundup, and helps review and revise resumes for candidates who are deferred by the advancement panel. Meetings and activities will be small group and ad-hoc / as-needed. Not required to be part of the monthly roundup.
Collabratec team lead Guerrero Mario [email protected]
Collabratec team / moderators Collabratec team – helps set up and moderate topic areas in the Senior Member collaboration space in Collabratec, help new members with Collabratec features, help report on Collabratec utilization.
Social media Social media coordinator – establish accounts and hashtags for Region 3 senior membership; post information about upcoming senior member events, post congratulations messages for new senior members, post opportunities for senior member engagement, report on social media presence for SMEC. Wang Cheryl [email protected]
Social media Guha Mousumi [email protected]
Sections outreach Sections outreach support – help SMEC with 100% contact and engagement with all 41 sections in Region 3, helping to provide senior membership data to the section, provide documentation, help coordinate sections engagements with the Region 3 roundups, including assignment of section nominators. Help to maintain the SMEC sections outreach tracker with regular contacts with sections officers. Seely Andrew [email protected]
Communications Communications coordinator – prepare and submit updates about the SMEC program activities to Region 3 newsletters and calendars. Help sections with preparing section-level senior member communications. Help tell the story of Region 3 senior membership through new channels. Seely Andrew [email protected]
Reference provider coordinator Reference provider coordinator – help maintain the master list of volunteer reference providers, ensure contact information is up to date, member numbers are correct. Help recruit new reference providers. Solicit volunteers for each roundup event and track availability for events. Help with assignment of reference providers to candidates. Chapman Kristina [email protected]
Edge-case team lead Grant PhD John [email protected]
Edge-case team Edge-case team – provide references and potentially nominations for senior member candidates who are unable to participate in a roundup event. May require ad-hoc small group meetings.
Senior Members engagement lead Seely Andrew [email protected]
Senior Members engagement Senior Members engagement – Work in a team to identify opportunities for senior members to contribute and get involved with IEEE activities, communicate opportunities to senior members in the region, and help grow the value of senior membership to our members.
Student interviews lead Alosaylan Khalid [email protected]
Advisor Ambrosio Ron [email protected]
Student interviews
Documentation and training lead Seely Andrew [email protected]
Documentation, web, and training Documentation, web, and training – manage the knowledge base of the SMEC, ensuring process and procedure documentation is maintained, updated, and available for discovery to all members of Region 3. Assist with the development, storage, and sharing of senior membership training materials. Establish and maintain a web presence for Region 3 SMEC.

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