Voting FAQs


*What is vTools?
vTools stands for Volunteer Tools. vTools simplify the administrative tasks to our volunteers via use of online tools, reduce time spent managing activities, and assist in member development.

*What is vTools.Voting?
vTools.Voting allows Sections, Chapters, and Affinity Groups to create electronic ballots. Electronic ballots give members an option to submit votes in their officer elections online (please note that this is different from the general IEEE elections). If you would like more information please send an e-mail to [email protected]

*Who can submit an electronic vote?
Any eligible member within the corresponding geographical area can vote in Section/Chapter/Affinity Group election. Additionally you must have an IEEE web account.   Please note that you can only vote once. If you submit your vote electronically, you can not vote again in the same election. If you recently joined IEEE or renewed your membership, then you are not eligible to vote

*Who can create election ballots for electronic vote submission?
Each Section, Chapter, Affinity Group assigns an election manager who can create electronic election ballots. The election manager must be reported as an officer and included in the IEEE Geographic roster in order to be authorized to create an election ballot. Only the original ballot creator has ability to modify data, while all other officers have a read only access to the ballot data. This ensures transparency and data integrity at the same time.

*How do I get access to create election ballots?
Please visit and log in with your IEEE Account. Not all officer positions have access to create ballots. If you do not have access to do so and you require it, please contact [email protected].

*How long is the ballot open?
This is tailored to section needs. Election managers should follow Membership and Geographic Activities Board Operations Manual (see section 9.4).

*What are the operating system and browser requirements for using the software?
While the software can run in various modern browsers running on different platforms, we recommend using latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. For the latest IEEE Browser
Policy please go to

*I think I found a bug. What do I do?
Please report the problem to [email protected] Please include detailed description: time when the issue occurred, what you did right before the problem happened, and detailed description of the issue. If possible, please attach a screenshot of the page where you saw the problem.

*Software does not work.
Please e-mail a detailed description of the problem to vtools-voting. Please include what you are trying to do and what does not work.

Usage if you are a voter
*What credentials do I need to log in?
Please use your IEEE web account.

*How do I register for an IEEE Web Account?
To register for an IEEE Web Account please go to

*I have an IEEE Web Account, but forgot my username or password.
Please go to to recover your username or password.

Usage if you are an election manager
*What credentials do I need to log in?
Please use your IEEE web account.

*Can I use vTools.Voting system for purposes other than elections?
The primary purpose for the vTools.Voting system is for elections. If you want to use it for anything else please contact us at [email protected]

*I really like the software. Who do I thank?
Please e-mail your feedback to [email protected] Please describe what you liked and why.

*I really do not like the software. What do I do?
Please e-mail your concerns and the ways that you think will make the software more beneficial to [email protected]

*I like the software, but I think some features will make it even better.
Please submit your ideas to Feature Requests.   Please include a detailed description of the feature you would like to be added and the reason as to why you think it will be beneficial.